Business Incubator grows companies

Laramie, WY – The Wyoming Business Technology Center is doing what was hoped. It has started some high tech businesses and that number is expected to grow. The businesses have ranged from a high speed computer company in downtown Laramie to an aquatic research business located in the Business Technology center on the U-W campus. The facility offers low cost office space, a data center and expert advising. C-E-O Jon Benson says the goal was always to start businesses and create "cool jobs" for Wyoming residents. He says that is starting to happen, "You know we probably have six or seven companies that are in various stages of development. After we have been in business for five or seven years, you will see a lot more technology companies in the community then when we started."
Benson says the companies they pick for the business technology center are those who will net between three and five million dollars a year.