Business Park Plan Hits Snag

Cheyenne, WY – Rezoning a piece of land for the creation of a second business park in Cheyenne has been slowed somewhat. The economic development group Cheyenne LEADS needs the parcel re-zoned light industrial to start work on the West I-80 Business Park. The problem is the West Cheyenne Master Plan doesn't call for all of the 600 acres to be light industrial. So the Laramie County Commission says the master plan needs to be changed first. Some observers don't think that's necessary because they say the master plan is just a guide. LEADS President Randy Bruns, however, doesn't think anyone is using this as a technique to kill the project. He thinks the county just wants to be careful not to open itself up to criticism or a legal challenge. Although he doesn't think the master plan issue is any more then an added step, Bruns admits it could conceivably de-rail the whole project. He says they are keeping an eye on other properties in case this plan falls through.