Call Center Company Considers Cheyenne

Greensboro, NC – A company that is considering Cheyenne as a site for a new call center goes against the current trend in the call center business. North Carolina-based Help Desk NOW currently operates calls centers in Canada and Latin America, but is looking to open its first U-S facility. President Mike Riek says their model is different from the many American companies that have been opening facilities overseas, in places like India and the Philippines. Riek says many of his clients want their work done in the U-S. He says there's just a greater comfort level if you are talking to someone with a similar cultural background and no accent issues. Help Desk NOW representatives will be in Cheyenne next week to get their first look at the community. Riek says Cheyenne is one of several communities they are looking at for this facility, which would employ about 400 people.