Campaigning Starts in Run for Congress

Laramie, Wy – A Democratic candidate for Wyoming's seat in Congress is out campaigning already. Gary Trauner is 47 years old and from Jackson. He is running because he's worried about the direction the country is headed. One issue he believes strongly in is health care. He says it is immoral that the wealthiest country in the world does not provide health care coverage for all its citizens. Trauner says part of the problem is that current policy puts the burden on employers who pay for most of health care in America. He uses the example of GM saying not only do they make cars, but they are also medical managers and if they did not have to do that they would be more competitive.
Trauner says one solution is universal health care coverage. He says that is different than socialized medicine because it is not single payer People would have choices about doctors and would still use insurance companies.