Campbell County approves sales tax increase

Gillette, WY – With 83-percent of Campbell County residents voting for a one percent sales tax increase, the City of Gillette can now begin work on a new water pipeline to meet water demand for county residents. The vote came Tuesday night with citizens voting to raise the local sales tax from 5 to 6-percent. That means that, on average, Campbell County residents will pay an extra 30 dollars a month for the next 4 years.Joe Lunne is the public information for Gillette.
"Gillette exceeded its water supply with demand in 2005 and we instituted a water conservation program that's reduced demand by about 30%, but our populations increased about 48% over the last ten years and looking at future expansion we decided the best alternative to get water was to build a second pipeline and that will serve a regional area."
The legislature has already approved 220-million dollars to fund the new pipeline. Lunne says the pipeline will serve about 38-thousand people and will be completed in 5 years. He also says the tax will expire in four years, or when the county raises 110-million dollars.