Campbell County Voters Approve Sales Tax Increase

Laramie, Wy – The events center in Campbell County is going to get much bigger. Tuesday voters approved a sales tax increase to pay for an addition to the Cam-Plex. The facility's general manager says the new building-- with an 80 thousand square foot room-- should open in 2007.
The price tag for this is 22 million dollars and the chair of the County Commission, Marilyn Mackey, says they asked voters to pay for this instead of using existing revenue because of their philosophy, which is that they will pay for necessities but on quality of life proposals the people should participate.
And Mackey says it would have been difficult to afford the entire price tag if the county had wanted to pay for it without raising the sales tax. This vote by residents of Campbell County is the only second time they've approved a tax increase for a specific purpose.
Cam-Plex General Manager, Dan Barks, says after completion they will be the most attractive facility in the region for large scale events because of the size of existing buildings and the 1100 acres surrounding the Cam-Plex.
Barks says they are particularly well set-up to host R-V rallies or agricultural events.
He says 22 million dollars should be enough to pay for the whole building, if not they will have to scale back the project.