Candidate McBride said graduation rate is on the right track.

Cheyenne, Wy – State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jim McBride says that he believes the Wyoming graduation rate is on the right track. McBride points to the most recent numbers that show a three percent statewide increase to bolster his case. Many, especially politicians, have been critical of the graduation rate. McBride said his office has made improving the rate one of its goals. He is taking some unusual steps to reach his goal. McBride has written letters to the state's business community asking them to check the academic standing of a student before considering them for work. "Is to not hire a student unless part of the application process is proof of a member in good standing at a school. When they ask why, the answer is pretty simple. If you are a good student and attend school regularly, you will probably attend work regularly."
McBride said he has also been talking to local school boards about ways to improve graduation in their communities. He admits he is not satisfied with the graduation rate, but he is confident that things are heading in the right direction.