Candidates Differ On The EPA

Oct 30, 2012

Two U-S Senate candidates differ on the role of the environmental protection agency.  Senator John Barrasso says the E-P-A has hurt Wyoming’s energy industry and has developed unfair regulations that have harmed the coal industry.              

You know I think what the EPA has done for 40 years has made remarkable progress, but now we are at a point, at this point I believe they are failing America by the impact that they are having on so many energy jobs because of regulations coming out of Washington.”

But Democratic candidate Tim Chesnut says the E-P-A has done more good than harm.  He points to the cleanup of the Laramie Tie Treatment plant as an example.                 

“ We had one of the most contaminated sites in America here in Albany County and if it weren’t for the EPA it wouldn’t have gotten cleaned up.  My Dad and his friends are all dying from cancer supposedly from that, so I think the EPA plays its role.  “

Chesnut says it’s time that the state stop relying so much on the energy industry and look to diversifying the economy.