Candidates disagree over health care

Laramie, Wy – The two main candidates for Governor differ on how to reform or improve health care. Republican Matt Mead is a fan of Wyoming's new health care pilot program that was approved by the legislature this year. It is supposed to help low income families improve their health through prevention and by providing them funds to purchase health care. Mead would like to see Wyoming develop solutions and keep the federal government out of the effort. But Democrat Leslie Petersen is skeptical that the health care pilot will have much of an impact. She notes that lawmakers have had a difficult time crafting rules for the program. Petersen says it is better to make the federal law work for Wyoming.
"I do not even have optimism for a state program that really will work. It will not even come close to replacing Medicaid. My feeling is that we are far better off trying to make an imperfect act, the federal health care act work for us"
However, Mead opposes any type of federal health care legislation and would have joined the states who sued to keep the law from being enacted.