Candidates discuss fracking.

Laramie, Wy – Both major candidates for Governor say that it is important for the state to be proactive with hydraulic fracturing or fracking. The state recently passed rules requiring companies to disclose the chemicals they are using in the fracking process. Republican Matt Mead says contaminating the groundwater is not acceptable but he does not believe those problems are widespread.
"That would be very bad for the industry if they are not allowed to do fracking. I think in the Sublette County area 98% of those wells were developed through fracking. I think nationally it is about 90%. And so this is a very important process and we need to make sure we can continue to do that. But nobody advocates doing whatever if it is going to lead to the contamination of groundwater."
Democrat Leslie Petersen says it is difficult to say if fracking has caused any problems in the state because there is a lack of baseline data. She believes the new state regulations will address that problem into the future.