Candidates for governor differ on gay marriage

Laramie, Wy – The Libertarian, Democratic and Republican candidates for governor debated on the U-W campus last night. Among other questions, they were asked about gay marriage. Republican Matt Mead reiterated his belief that marriage should exist only between a man and a woman. Libertarian candidate Mike Wheeler had a critique of that position
"In our state constitution it says a marriage is between a man and a woman. It also in state law says you can't ride a horse into a bar. That may be a little bit antiquated. There's no law - and there's no governing force - that is going to keep two individuals apart."
Wheeler said domestic partnerships may be the solution that makes the most sense. Democrat Leslie Petersen said she's proud that U-W trustees have voted to extend benefits to domestic partners, but she doesn't think Wyoming is prepared to embrace gay marriage.
"Well, if a bill came to my desk that legitimized gay marriage in Wyoming I would gladly sign it, but I've been travelling in the state for four and a half months, and I believe the people in Wyoming are not ready for any discussion of gay marriage."
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