Candidates for governor start race with differences

Laramie, WY – The winners of this week's primary elections for governor aren't wasting any time trying to distinguish themselves. Both Republican Matt Mead and Democrat Leslie Petersen say they have the right experience for the job. Petersen points to her time as a county commissioner and legislative liaison for Governor Ed Herschler. She was also the chair of the Democratic Party, but she says that doesn't mean she will be partisan.
"I think that I've shown during the years I was in government that I was very much a centrist, during my years as a county commissioner and my record shows that and that's who I am. I mean I did grow up on a ranch in Dubois in a Republican family."
Meanwhile Matt Mead says that the fact he isn't a politician is a positive. And he has valuable experience as a business owner and U-S Attorney.
"Of course our current governor was US Attorney hadn't come out of elected office and I don't think anyone questioned that he was qualified for the job."
Mead and Petersen also have different policy positions. Mead opposes the new health care plan, while Petersen wants to wait and see how it works before making a decision. She is also pro choice while Mead is pro life.