Candidates Spar Over Hill Adminstration

Aug 12, 2014

There was disagreement during a Republican State Superintendent of Public Instruction debate concerning the administration of Cindy Hill. 

Sheryl Lain, who currently works for Hill, defended the Superintendent and says education has improved and test scores have gone up. But Jillian Balow says the state can’t have four more years of a Hill/Lain administration. 

“Tonight I’d like to know if Ms. Lain will apologize to the taxpayers of Wyoming for breaking state law when she offered a no-contract bid to her daughter. I always would like to know where teachers, the thousands of hard working teachers, students and families fit into the equation of Ms. Lain accepting responsibility for raising test scores in schools across the state.”

Lain didn’t respond, other than to praise teachers.

“At Arapaho school where the WDE was asked to come in and help and the rules required us to do so, kids grew in reading in 3rd grade from 18% to 58% and no Sheryl Lain does not take credit for that. It’s the work of wonderful teachers.”

Bill Winney said Hill was blamed for things that occurred prior to her time in office. The debate was broadcast by Wyoming Public Radio and Wyoming PBS. The three will face off in the August 19th primary election.