Carbon County Follows Mercantile Trend

Laramie, Wy – Business and community leaders hope to set
up a community-owned clothing store in downtown Rawlins next year.
The Carbon Mercantile Corporation follows the example of community-owned clothing stores in Powell and Worland. Officials in Torrington are also planning a cooperative store.
Shares in Carbon Merc. will be available for 25-dollars apiece after January first. At least 20 shares must be purchased but no one will be allowed to own more than 400 shares, or ten-thousand dollars worth.
Officials say at least half a million dollars in shares must be sold for Carbon Mercantile to be profitable.
Store officials say the stock must be sold by April 30th. If all goes well, the store will open by June first.
The store will offer name-brand clothes and accessories for people of all ages.