Carbon County Glitch Delays US House Results

Laramie, WY – In the race to decide who will fill Wyoming's lone seat in the US House of Representatives--whether the incumbent and Republican Barbara Cubin or Democratic challenger Gary Trauner--still no winner declared. With just 1 percent of the vote left to be counted in Wyoming, the outstanding votes remain in Carbon county. There, county clerk Linda Smith and election officials have been up all night dealing with the aftermath of a precinct-to-central-count communication error. Smith says phone lines weren't working and vote counters in the precincts weren't downloading data properly, which prompted the uprooting of machines and transporting them to the county seat. Smith says there were no problems with the accuracy of the count, only with the downloading of data into the central database. Once at the county seat, election officials used paper records to enter votes manually from all 13 precincts. Smith says witnesses from both parties oversaw the process and that voters should feel confident their votes were tabulated accurately. As of 8:50 AM Wednesday morning, November 8, 2006, a winner had yet to be declared although county clerk Linda Smith anticipates results this morning.