Carter and Barrasso Spar over Tax Policy

Riverton, WY – Democrat Nick Carter and Republican John Barrasso sparred over tax policy in a debate last night in Riverton.

Senator Barrasso asked his opponent why he favored raising taxes on Americans, and he said Carter's stance on the death and inheritance tax would force landowners to sell their property when a loved one passed away: "The small business owners are saying, 'We're bothered with the regulations and the taxes on us. We're trying to provide health care for our workers, we can't do it all.'"

Carter said taxes are a way of life, especially during times of war, and he said Barrasso likely had good reason to favor tax relief. He told Barrasso, "You got a very large tax cut in 2002 and 2003, and yet we're fighting two wars, and to give the very rich a gigantic giveaway at a time of war results in deficit."

Carter says he would work on a fair tax code for the middle class if elected. Barrasso, meanwhile, vowed to keep taxes low and reduce wasteful spending in the government.