Case Criticizes Cubin's Vote on Patriot Act Provision

Laramie, Wy – On the Republican side of the race for Wyoming's seat in Congress, State Senator Cale Case says he is the candidate who will best protect the constitution. At a press conference Thursday he said incumbent Barbara Cubin has not done a good job upholding citizens' rights.
Case says an example is a portion of the Patriot Act that makes it easier to investigate a citizen's library or book records. He says there was a vote to repeal this portion of the act a few weeks ago and the vote ended in a tie with Cubin voting against the repleal. He says he would have voted on the opposite side and in favor of freedom and returning to the way things were before the Patriot Act.
Case says he does want to make sure Americans are safe, but he's not sure the Patriot Act helps in that effort. He also says he will support women's right to have an abortion because that is a constitutional right.