Cash for Clunkers Provided Short Term Relief in Wyoming

Cheyenne, Wy – The Cash for Clunkers program has essentially wrapped up. The federal government has reimbursed nearly all car dealers who gave out money for older cars. In Wyoming, car dealers got about $2.5 million through the program.

The president of the state's automobile dealers association, Bob Womack, says Cash for Clunkers was a shot in the arm, but business has already dropped off again and may not pick up for a while.

"All the projections we're getting from the manufacturers is it's going to be this way until a year from now," he says. "So, I'm not overly excited but I'm thankful for what we have."

Womack adds that while Cash for Clunkers was a boost to business, he would not want Congress to replicate the program again because he says the paperwork and bureaucracy involved were too big a hassle.