Casper firefighter to receive Medal of Valor

Sep 9, 2011

Rebecca Martinez
CASPER, WY (wpr) - Casper Firefighter Craig Kidder will be awarded the Public Safety Medal of Valor for rescuing a girl from the North Platte River in May.

Kidder was off-duty when he saw the girl drowning in the river. He dove in after her and swam her to shore, where Casper Police Officer Dan Dundas helped them out.

Last month, Converse County Sheriff's Deputy Bryan Gross died attempting a similar rescue.

Casper Fire Chief said Kidder disregarded his own safety when decided to rescue the girl.

"That's the kind of business that we're in. We try to conduct good risk-benefit (analysis). But a lot of times that just is (a) matter of seconds to get through that decision-making process. And he says I just, I had no choice. I had to do it.' And we're really fortunate that it turned out really good."

Kidder and Officer Dundas will be honored after a 9-11 commemoration ceremony in Casper on Sunday.