Casper hosts substance abuse conference

Casper, WY – Casper will be the host of a conference that will address a wide range of substance abuse issues. The conference is will focus on a range of issues such as impacts of substance abuse on communities, to treatment and prevention strategies, to analysis on the effects of the Mexican Drug War on Wyoming.
Chris Walsh is acting director of the Casper police department. He says the conference used to focus on Meth but they have expanded the agenda.
"When we began the conference eight years ago methamphetamine was the number 1 drug of choice and that has since declined, fortunately, and then we added in all other substance abuse topics to it because it seems like when one drops off something else starts to fill it's place."
Walsh says the number one drug arrest in Casper is related to marijuana. However, he also says that while meth is always a problem there has been a recent resurgence of hallucinogens and older drugs like cocaine.
Walsh hopes that the conference will help educate not only the public but law enforcement.
The symposium runs tomorrow and Thursday.