Casper man pleads guilty to shooting at wife

Casper, WY – A Casper man has pleaded guilty to shooting at a car carrying his estranged wife and her two children in July.

Twenty-six-year-old Eric Funk pleaded guilty yesterday (Thursday) to attempted second-degree murder and aggravated assault. He also pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of reckless endangerment.

Casper District Attorney Mike Blonigen said Funk faces a sentence of up to 46 years in prison.

Judge Thomas Sullins ordered a presentence report to be prepared on Funk. Sentencing will occur in about two months.

Meghan Funk, 24, had filed papers seeking a divorce from Eric Funk the day of the shooting. Police say Eric Funk opened fire on her car and one of the bullets severed the finger of her seven-year-old son. The finger was reattached.

Eric Funk barricaded himself in his wife's home after the shooting. Police say that when he came out, he had cut his wrists and stabbed himself in the chest.

Blonigen says it's miraculous that Meghan Funk is still alive.