Casper redevelopment plan up for public comment

Casper, WY – Business and property owners are concerned about a plan to redevelop the Old Yellowstone District in downtown Casper. The plan would put about 6 million dollars toward renovating streets and sidewalks. In the long term, it calls for private development of mixed-use buildings downtown.

Some downtown business owners have criticized the plan's zoning, street construction and design standards.

But City Manager Tom Forslund says without the plan, downtown Casper faces economic decline: "You've seen communities where they've lost their downtowns, and everything is malls and big boxes on the fringe of the community. There's nothing wrong with big boxes, it's just that you want balanced growth throughout the community."

A public meeting will be held January 24th at Casper City Hall to discuss the plan. Comments can also be submitted on the City Hall website, and will be read aloud at the meeting.