Casper Residents Survive Tidal Wave

Casper, Wy – A group of Casper residents vacationing on a
Thailand beach have sent word home that they survived Sunday's
massive tidal wave.
Lydia Rush and her brother Micah Rush and their friends had
planned to be rock climbing, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving.
Instead, they found themselves escaping a 20-foot wall of water
and rescuing Thai children.
Officials say that 40-thousand people were killed in eleven
countries in southern Asia and Africa.
In Thailand, 15-hundred people died, among them more than 700
The seven Casperites were vacationing on a tiny island near
Phuket, a favorite spot of Western tourists and backpackers.
They said after the waves receded, they hiked to higher ground
and slept overnight in an abandoned cafe.
But the next day, food and water supplies were running low, they
decided to head for the mainland.
Since no boats were available, they had to hike for roughly
three hours through a jungle.
Micah Rush also told his father that he and his friend had
planned to be scuba diving when the tidal waves hit but were ten
minutes late for their boat and missed the launch.