Casper Wastewater Pump In Danger of Failing

Laramie, WY – Casper's wastewater treatment plant is in danger of failing after heavy rains put pressure on an already worn-out system.

City workers saw a crack in one of the pumps in the last week. They say if the crack gets bigger, it could allow chlorinated but otherwise untreated sewage to leak into the North Platte River.

Peter Meyers is an analyst in the City Manager's Office. He says the city is asking Casper residents to reduce the amount of water they put down the drain in the next few days.

"That could mean putting off doing laundry until the weekend if at all possible, minimizing the amount of dishes that you do, minimizing the length of your showers, and don't empty your hot tub or your pool in the next few days," Meyers said.

Meyers says a replacement pump should arrive from Seattle this weekend and that will alleviate the problem.