Castle Doctrine Bill Stripped Down

Cheyenne, WY – The Wyoming Senate has stripped out a major part of a bill designed to allow people to hold their ground if they believe they're being threatened.

During debate on the so-called Castle Doctrine, the Senate adopted an amendment from Casper Senator Charlie Scott focused the bill only on whether someone is threatened in their home.

It now only offers immunity to people if they use deadly force in a situation where someone breaks into their home. Scott removed a large section of the bill that would have allowed people to either intervene in a conflict or not retreat from an attack outside their house.

Casper Senator Kit Jennings says it guts the bill, but Gillette Senator Michael Von Flatern says it restores the bill to the main issues the public cares about.

Lander Senator Cale Case unsuccessfully tried to restore some of the language Scott removed. The bill will be debated one more time.