Cattle Herd Being Re-tested For Brucellosis

Pinedale, WY – The State Veterinarian met Sublette county ranchers Tuesday to discuss the brucellosis situation there. Twenty-nine cattle from a herd tested positive last week and are being re-tested now to confirm the results. At least eight herds will also need to be tested because they cane into contact with the infected herd. Meanwhile, another cow with a Wyoming connection has shown signs of brucellosis. State Veterinarian Jim Logan says they're not sure if the animal actually had brucellosis or even if the cow is from Wyoming. He says all they know is that it went through a Wyoming sale barn. Logan says it takes a while to trace the records of a particular cow to find out from where that animal originated. If brucellosis is confirmed in the Sublette county herd and another case is detected within two years, then Wyoming loses it's brucellosis-free status. Logan says that would bring statewide restrictions that could cost the livestock industry thousands or millions of dollars.