Cattle industry depends on keeping ranch land in ag production

Sep 13, 2013

Rancher Les Stewart, Ninty-Six Ranch, Paradise Valley, Nevada, 1980
Credit Paradise Valley Folklife Project Collection, Photo by Carl Fleischhauer /

As we just heard, many Wyoming ranches are being purchased by out-of-state residents. Many of these ranches are up for sale in the first place because older ranchers don’t have heirs who want  -- or know how to -- run a ranch full-time. Or the kids can’t agree on what to do with the family ranch after their parents pass away.

So ranching advocacy groups are trying to come up with ways to help manage non-traditional succession plans. Jim Magagna of the Wyoming Stock Grower’s Association tells Wyoming Public Radio’s Rebecca that it’s important to find ways to help farmers get their money’s-worth for their land while keeping it in production.