CBM Water Bill Would Give Landowners More Leverage

Cheyenne, WY – A bill attempting to manage the controversial issue of coal-bed methane water run-off survived its first hurdle in the state senate.

Some landowners complain that CBM water that gets pumped out when gas is recovered floods or contaminates their land.

The goal of the bill is to have the state engineer manage water overflow and provide more property rights. During debate, Senator Tony Ross asked why coal-bed methane developers don't either re-insert water into ground or put it into pipelines.

Senator John Schiffer says it is all about money. He says most don't feel like spending money to deal with the water.

Many think the bill is too much of a compromise between industry and landowners, but Senator Eli Bebout says without the bill, landowners will have no protections. The bill will be debated two more times.