Cervical cancer prevention is being urged

Jan 16, 2012

 The Wyoming Department of Health is reminding women to take steps to reduce their risk of cervical
     Carol Peterson of the Wyoming Breast and Cervical Cancer Early
Detection Program says there has been significant progress in the
fight against cervical cancer in recent year.
     But a state Health Department report says Wyoming is ranked low
at 45th in the nation for women reporting they had at least one Pap
test in the past three years.
     Wyoming currently has a 78.3 percent Pap test screening rate,
compared to the national median of 81.2 percent.
     Wyoming's current cervical cancer incidence rate of 8.62 is
higher than the U.S. incidence rate of 7.88 per. And the state's
cervical cancer death rate of 2.99 is higher than the U.S. death
rate of 2.17.