Chance to listen to veterans

Laramie, WY – An event in Laramie on Veteran's Day (November 11) is aimed at teaching civilians how to talk to returning veterans about their experiences of war. Michelle Worden is a professional counselor in Laramie and she's organizing the event. Worden says veterans she sees as patients only spend a small fraction of their time in her office... and they would benefit from having people in the community reaching out and listening.

"At least in my opinion I don't feel we're doing a good enough job bringing our warriors home, our service members home. Helping them reintegrate not only back into community but back into community as transformed individuals."

Worden says it's the responsibility of civilians to understand what soldiers go through on their behalf. The event this coming Wednesday is at the Ivinson Mansion in Laramie at 6pm. Veterans and their families will read and tell personal stories.