Charter school advocates frustrated that Cheyenne charter turned down

Cheyenne, WY – The Cheyenne school board this week turned down a proposal to open a new charter school. Board members decided that the school wasn't in the district's best interest.

Wyoming law puts the fate of all proposed charter schools in the hands of each school district.

But Amy Edmonds, executive director of the Wyoming Association of Public Charter Schools, says only one charter school has successfully made it through this process. Edmonds says that means the law is flawed: "It's a bit like asking Home Depot to go to Loew's to authorize another Home Depot. They just consider it a competitor. And they don't want it."

Edmonds says several other states prevent this conflict of interest by allowing independent commissions to decide on proposed charter schools. She says Wyoming's rigid laws have earned the state a D from the Center for Education Reform.