Cheney's approval rating sags to new low

Laramie, Wyo. – A University of Wyoming poll shows that Vice President Dick Cheney's approval rating is the lowest of his career.

The poll asks Wyoming residents how well the Vice President is doing his job. In 2002, he enjoyed a 70 percent approval rating. That slipped to 40 percent in 2005. It's now at 30 percent. U-W political scientist Jim King says there are two key reasons for that.

"Support for the war in Iraq declined both nationally and in Wyoming and more recently, the economic problems over the last two months is driving public opinion about elected officials," King says.

King says that many people in Wyoming feel a personal connection to Dick Cheney because of his service to the state as a Congressman. But he says people are able to disapprove of Cheney's job performance while still liking him as a person.