Chesnut speaks out against "War on Drugs"

Oct 30, 2012

A Democrat US Senate candidate says the nation needs to stop its war on drugs.  

Tim Chesnut says the country spends too much money on the effort and should instead try to see the benefits of legalizing some drugs like Marijuana.  Chesnut says such a legalization effort could raise revenue.

“We are turning a blind eye to the fact that there is marijuana on every street corner here.  It’s like putting all these people in prison is just crazy.  We have 2.5 million people in prison right now.  And that’s one job creator, you get these guys out they are not going to have jobs.  But you legalize marijuana…these guys know how to grow it.  Guys who can put some bucks on the street.”

Chesnut says it will also reduce the amount of money that local governments and states have to spend to imprison  drug offenders.  Chesnut is an Albany County Commissioner and is running for his first federal office.