Cheyenne and Casper hospitals decide not to merge

Jul 20, 2012

Hospitals in Casper and Cheyenne will remain separate, after considering the benefits of merging.

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center and Wyoming Medical Center have been researching whether it would be feasible and cost-effective to join forces and share services.

Leigh West, a spokesperson for Cheyenne Regional Medical Center says distance and I-T incompatibility got in the way.

“In the end, as we looked at that, those savings and enhancements weren’t going to be significant enough to warrant coming together with an official partnership,” West says.

“You know, it’s disappointing, but we will be collaborating with Wyoming Medical center on areas of clinical improvements and there will be other opportunities.”

In a statement, representatives of both hospitals say they still need to find other creative ways to improve quality and lower costs.