Cheyenne Bar Owners Decry Proposal

Laramie, WY – Some bar owners in Gillette are speaking out against a proposed ordinance that would require them to call police, or face a fine, any time a fight breaks out or a minor tries to buy alcohol.
The Gillette city council approved the measure 4-2 on first reading on Monday, with one bar-owning councilman abstaining. The measure would need to pass two more readings to become law.
Under the proposal, bar owners would face fines ranging from $500 to $2,000, depending on the number of violations they have over a three-year period.
Bar owners urged the council to work with them on the ordinance. Bruce Kelley is president of the Campbell County Liquor Association. He says the association members would like to have some input into the ordinance. He suggested some other system of penalizing liquor license holders, as well as allowing bars to ban anyone for six months if they get into a fight.