Cheyenne Botanic Gardens

Dec 7, 2012

Discover all 27 specialty landscapes – there truly is something for everyone. There is always something in bloom either inside the solar greenhouse or on the Grounds.

Sustainability at the Gardens

Since 1977, the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens has practiced sustainability daily through solar energy, biologically based plant production, education, an incredible volunteer force and creative community-​​based funding. As a result, there are wondrous displays of plant life in the conservatory and beautiful, educating grounds. At the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens one can see first-​​hand how people have come together to sustain the importance of human values, community, ecology and renewable energy into the new millennia.

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Paul Smith Children’s Village

The Paul Smith Children’s Village is a must-​​see children’s garden for all ages. The Village’s underlying theme is to teach concepts of sustainability from the past, present and future. In accordance with a commitment to sustainability, the Children’s Village received the LEED Platinum award, the highest level of certification for a green building and landscape from the U.S. Green Building Council. The Children’s Village is currently the only children’s garden in the country to receive this award.

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The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens inspires, beautifies and enriches the greater High Plains community through gardening, volunteerism, education, and stewardship.

This is accomplished through these focus areas:

Plants – Exhibit diverse plant collections and landscapes.

Service and therapy– Provides meaningful opportunities for seniors, handicapped and

youth-​​at-​​risk volunteers who are essential in growing the Gardens.

Education and Outreach – Provides educational and therapeutic opportunities; Provides learning opportunities in the subjects of landscaping, gardening, science, history, renewable energy and sustainable solutions.

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