Cheyenne Considers Alternative for Garbage

Laramie, Wy – Cheyenne city officials are considering converting the city's trash into electricity and ethanol.
The city would have to build a plant to that would remove recyclable materials from the trash. What's left is shredded and then heated in an oyxgen-deprived atmosphere, where it produces gas that can be used to generate electricity or refined into ethanol.
Slag, or ash left over from the process, can be used as cover
for the 10 percent of the trash that can't be recycled or converted. It can also be used to make roads. That's all according to the company that says it could run this plan for Cheyenne.
Building the facility would cost more than 130 million dollars. When complete, it would employ 43 people. The company has asked the city to help it acquire tax-exempt industrial bonds and
has asked the city to acquire 25 acres for the plant.
City officials are looking for options to handle trash because the city's current landfill will run out of space in about five years.