Cheyenne Council Member Wants City Smoke Free

Cheyenne, Wy – Bolstered by health studies that say
secondhand smoke is harmful, Cheyenne City Councilor Don Pierson
says he's ready to push legislation early next year to ban smoking
in restaurants - and possibly also in bars and other public places.
Pierson said smoking has become a nationwide health issue. He
said it's clear that the city council should take steps to address
Laramie enacted a smoke-free ordinance in April. A recent report
written by the University of Wyoming's Survey and Analysis Center
stated that air quality in Cheyenne restaurants and bars where
smoking is allowed is now 20 times worse than similar
establishments in Laramie where smoking is banned.
But opponents of the prospect of a smoking ban in Cheyenne say
the public should be allowed to make a choice.
At a public hearing this fall, Mike Moser, executive director
for the Wyoming State Liquor Association, said a ban would hurt
restaurants, bars and businesses.
Moser said the increase in smoke-free businesses in the absence
of a no-smoking ordinance shows that the free market already tends
to regulate smoking in public on its own.