Cheyenne Gets Kudos for Water Plan

Laramie, WY – Cheyenne's use of wastewater for keeping athletic fields green should be repeated by other cities in Wyoming and beyond. That's according to the Environmental Protection Agency, which has granted a regional award to the city for its effort. Ron Hill oversees federal grants for improving water quality at the EPA. He says other cities should take a look at Cheyenne's new system that purifies waste water for use on golf courses, ball fields and parks.

"The city could have continued using potable water for all of these purposes, football fields and everything," Hill says. "But it's much more creative, and effective and cost effective. We want that example out there for the nation to see."

Cheyenne was awarded 40 million dollars in low-interest loans for the project, which began in 2001. Officials point out that the new irrigation pipes are painted purple so that contractors do NOT mix them up with the drinking water pipes. They are painted blue.