In Cheyenne, high demand for homeless services

Laramie, WY – Homelessness may be on the rise in Wyoming. The executive director of the Cheyenne Interfaith Hospitality Network says the demand for services has been much higher in recent weeks. Trish Peacock says the Hospitality Network focuses on protecting children and helping families transition from homelessness to being self-sufficient again. This morning alone, she says she received messages from five new families who are homeless, and that's a big jump. "On occasion we will have perhaps one family that we may have to put up in a motel for a few days until we can get them into the network," Peacock said, "but we have never had quite the numbers we are seeing now."

Peacock said most of the families her organization helps are from Laramie County, but lately the group has seen a few families who came to Wyoming looking for work and haven't managed to find it.