Cheyenne Jail Staff See Effects of Meth Use

Laramie, Wy – Detention officers at the Laramie County jail see the results of methamphetamine abuse first hand. And they say the meth problem is only getting worse.
It's not just so-called losers with a history of reckless behavior who check into the jail. Jailers are seeing professionals with master's degrees.
The meth users create a special concern for those managing mental health and health issues in the jail.
A counselor says meth inmates can sleep for days and then wake up to a meth-induced psychosis that mimics untreated schizophrenia.
A few may exhibit aggressive behavior.
Detention staff and officers say more intensive treatment beds and shorter wait times are needed to deal with the meth inmates in the jail. But they say there also needs to be some action outside the facility.