Cheyenne Police Track Gang Activity

LARAMIE, wyo – Authorities with the police department have identified many gang members in and around Cheyenne. Some of these individuals claim to be affiliated with organized national gangs like southern California based Suerenos and Sur 13. Both of those gangs maintain links with the Mexican Mafia. Cheyenne Police Sergeant Rob Dafoe says the total number of gang members is larger than expected.

"We have identified, just in the Cheyenne area, 106 bona-fide claiming affiliation with some kind of gang whether it be a large parent gang out of California or the southern states," says Dafoe. "And that's quite a few considering the population in Cheyenne is not the size of say Denver or Los Angeles."

Dafoe says it's hard to tell if the ties claimed by Cheyenne gang members are real or invented, and based on the information police have gathered, Cheyenne gangs have not shown the same organizational skills as nationally and internationally established groups.

Dafoe says there has been some violence, but it has been between rival gang members.