Cheyenne Smoking Ban Starts Tuesday

Cheyenne, WY – The ban on smoking in Cheyenne bars,
restaurants and other public buildings goes into effect next Tuesday and some city bar owners are bracing themselves for a hit.
The Outlaw Saloon is one popular Cheyenne watering hole. Co-owner Mitch Jedlicki said the bar will close at the end of September and reopen at another location outside the city limits to escape the smoking ban.
Jedlicki said he believes the smoking ban the Cheyenne City Council approved this year will have a major impact on bar business in Cheyenne.
Jon Coverdale is owner of the Crown Bar in downtown Cheyenne. He says he expects the ban will hurt his business too.
On the other hand, operators of some Cheyenne restaurants that have already gone smoke-free say that they've seen their business perk up.
They say banning smoking has allowed some people who have allergies or medical conditions that didn't allow them to be around smoke before to come in for meals.