Chief Washakie Statue Unveiled

Laramie, Wy – A statue of Chief Washakie, the famed and revered leader of the Eastern Shoshone tribe now sits on the University of Wyoming campus. A dedication ceremony for the statue took place Friday and started with the entrance of Eagle Spirit Dancers from the Wind River Reservation. The statue depicts Chief Washakie riding a horse into battle against the leader of the Crow tribe. A battle Washakie won.
His great, great, grandson, George Abeyta, spoke saying the monument will remind people of Washakie's wisdom, courage, and nobility.
Chief Washakie died in 1900. He is the last chief of the Eastern Shoshone and is known as fierce warrior and a great statesman. He negotiated land and education deals for his people and won the battle against the chief of the Crow tribe.
The statue is 24 feet tall and stands on Grand Avenue in front of the Washakie Dining Center.