City Council Member Continues To Battle Smoking Ban

Laramie, Wy –
A Laramie City Council member continues to try and weaken the communitywide
smoking ban. Councilman Joe Hageman wants to allow smoking in certain businesses
that have seen business drop off since the ban into effect. Hageman withdrew
the ordinance to fine tune it this week, but plans to reintroduce it later in the
Under the proposal, bars, truck stops and private clubs could
allow smoking in half of their space as long as that space was
physically separated from nonsmoking areas and had its own working
ventilation system.
Hageman also would allow exemptions for business that can show
their revenue has fallen since the ban went into effect in April.
But other council members were skeptical of the plan. Joe
Shumway says ventilation systems might NOT help with the health
risks of secondhand smoke, and that it's unfair to apply the law to some businesses and NOT to others.