Clean coal bills fail

Casper, Wy – Three Bills intended to help develop clean coal facilities in Wyoming stalled in the Legislature's joint minerals committee Wednesday. From Casper, Wyoming Public Radio's Peter O'Dowd reports.

The Three bills proposed giving major tax breaks to companies building clean-coal facilities. But the committee's co-chairman Representative Tom Lockhart of Casper said the legislation was too complicated to act on before the full-session begins in January. Riverton Senator Eli Bebout agreed with the decision to table the bills, but said the state must still consider incentives that will advance clean-coal technology in Wyoming.

BEBOUT: Do we miss an opportunity by not moving the bill forward today, I don't think so. But if we don't do something to start it and be proactive about it, then we could.

NARR: Critics said one proposal that allowed for a 15-year tax exemption was far too generous. The legislation will be forwarded to the revenue committee. If that committee fails to adopt the bills, it will be up to an individual lawmaker to sponsor them in January. For Wyoming Public Radio, I'm Peter O'Dowd in Casper.