Clearing the Air, Candidates for Congress Debate

Laramie, Wy – Last night the candidates for U-S Congress debated in Casper. And the theme was clearing up misconceptions.
Incumbent Barbara Cubin says it is inaccurate to say she has not voted much during her time in Congress. She points out that her husband was very sick the year she had her worst voting record and doesn't regret missing those votes.
Meanwhile Democratic candidate Gary Trauner wanted to set the record straight by saying he does not support a gun registry nor socialized medicine. He does want every American to have health insurance, but he says there are many ways to make that happen.
Libertarian candidate Thomas Rankin meanwhile had a chance to talk about his beliefs. For instance he says the government should be run from the people to the leaders not vice versa.
The election for Wyoming's lone seat in Congress is November seventh.