Climate Change Could Hurt WY Air Quality

Laramie, WY – Climate change could worsen air quality across the western united states. That is the conclusion of scientists at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. The department-of-energy-funded lab researches energy and the environment. It released a study of the effects of global changes in climate on air quality in the U-S. Research scientist William Gustafson helped author the report. He says their research uncovered that the western climate will warm up over the next 50 years, and he says that could make pollution worse. Gustafson also says that another change in Wyoming's climate could be bad news for the air: up to 3 - 4 days' fewer rain by the year 2045. Gustafson says the study did not take into account the full range of human-produced emissions such as those from traffic. He says those emissions could significantly change air quality predictions.