Climber Killed By Thrown Rock

Lander, Wy – A rock that killed the Rocky Mountain
regional director of the National Outdoor Leadership School as he
was climbing near Lander, Wyoming, last weekend had been thrown
deliberately over the cliff.
That's according to Ed Newell, the chief prosecutor in Fremont
County, Wyoming.
Newell says he is going to speak with relatives and friends of
the victim, 47-year-old Pete Absolon, before deciding whether to
file charges.
Newell declined to identify the rock thrower. But he says that
judging from a sheriff's investigation, the man did NOT know that
people were climbing below him.
Newell also says that the man has been cooperative and
Absolon was climbing with a companion Saturday in the Wind River
Range. The rock struck Absolon in the head, shattering his helmet
and killing him instantly.
Absolon is survived by a wife and young daughter.