Coach Discrimination Suit Settled in Casper

Laramie, WY – Two female coaches have settled their
discrimination lawsuit against the Natrona County School District in Casper.

Attorneys for both sides refused to disclose details of the settlement.

The two junior high school girls basketball coaches were disciplined after an April 2002 team sleepover.

Sheryl Schroefel and Melisa Mahoney took the girls to the home of two male coaches and threw toilet paper, syrup, flour and other items on their lawn, trees and cars.

The male coaches complained to the principal, and the two female coaches were told they were being fired.

The female coaches sued, contending the district violated their rights and punished them more harshly than male coaches who committed worse offenses.

Mahoney now works in a Casper private school, and Schroefel still teaches and coaches in the Natrona County School District.